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Hygge Your Home With Textured Items

Onyx Black Jug Lamp

Your home is one place where comfort and contentment should be a given, especially during the cold winter months. The idea of surrounding yourself with those things that make you feel cozy and happy is associated with the Scandinavian lifestyle of hygge. Pronounced “hoo-gah,” this Nordic way of life has quickly become a home decor trend throughout the rest of the world. 


If you’re wondering how you can use hygge in your home, don’t worry! We’ve gathered a few ways you can include both texture and hygge into your home’s decor to make the space welcoming, warm and cozy this winter.




Light does wonderful things for a space and can be incredibly transformative. A bright, white light will make an area feel energized while a soft, warm light will make it feel intimate. Keeping hygge in mind, you should choose whichever type of light resonates with you and makes you feel most comfortable. If that depends on your mood and other factors, consider adding some dimmable bulbs to adjust the lighting to your preference daily. 


While light itself plays a large factor in setting the tone and texture of a room, where the light emanates from can also play a significant role. Include ceramic jug lamps into any room of your house for a bit of texture and whimsy. The pottery itself will add a cozy feel with the ceramic, while its jug shape will make it unique from other lamps.  




Your furniture speaks volumes to your personal taste, as well as to the tone you’re trying to set in your home. Whether your tables are glass or wooden, for example, will set a sleek and modern vibe or one that’s more rustic and comforting. Decide what suits both you as a person, as well as what you want guests to see of your space and go from there. There is no reason why a more streamlined and modern look cannot also feel cozy with a few small additions; just remember this is your space and what is in it should be first and foremost comfortable to you. 


The material you choose for your furniture is an easy way to include some more texture into your space. A leather or fabric sofa, for example, would both add some much needed texture but will give the room a different feel depending on which one you decide on. Leather, especially brown or tan leather, lends toward a more sophisticated look in a room. Fabric, on the other hand, gives off a more casual feeling. Either way, you’re able to make a room feel cozy and well lived in with a textured sofa. 




Hanging items on your walls is key for not only personalizing your home, but also making it cozy. Hygge is about surrounding yourself with comfort to induce happiness. Be sure that what you’re choosing to feature on the walls of your home are pieces which truly speak to you and are meaningful to you. Include family photos, pictures with your best friends and ones that feature some of your favorite and most cherished memories for an extra personal touch that will keep you constantly surrounded by love and happiness. 


Otherwise, when searching for what to include on your walls, look for something that adds value to your space. Art is one of the best investments one can make. Contribute to the unique work of an artist while also adding to the comfort of your home with some textured paintings for your living space. 




An instant way to make a room feel cozy is to add in some carpeting. Especially if you have hardwood floors, adding in a rug will soften the space and make it feel more lived in. You can also still add in a rug even if your floors are fully carpeted to add in some extra softness and texture to a certain area. The best part is that there are plenty of different types of rugs for you to choose from and they all add a different texture in to a room. 


One of the softest and most common textured options for your to include is a shag area rug. There are also leather, faux fur and bamboo rugs if you really want to make a statement in both look and texture. Whatever type you decide to go with, the best thing about rugs is they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re able to choose something that works with your personal style as well as the decor of your room. 




Small decor pieces scattered throughout a room, and your home as a whole, is an easy and subtle way to include texture. We normally think of decorative pieces as things we include seasonally in our homes, but a few pieces that work year round can really cozy up a space. Plants are a very common way to add texture as well as life into a home. Whether you have fresh cut flowers or houseplants in soil, simply including them into your decor can do wonders for any room. As an added benefit, plants help to improve the air quality of a space and some can even remove toxins from it. 


Plants alone can add plenty of texture, but you should also consider what you’re putting them in as a way to make more of a statement and include some additional texture to your decor. Ceramic vases and pots are a great option to house plants in your home.  

Inclusion of this pottery adds an instant cozy feel to any room while also displaying your plants in a stylish fashion.

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