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We work hard to create pottery of the highest quality. Take a look at what our customers have been saying below.

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  1. Shipping was quick and utterly well done. These little plate-like pieces are lovely. However, sorry that the bottoms are not glazed and therefore rough.

  2. I really like these shortbread pans; I just haven’t mastered getting the entire print passed on to my shortbread. I now have purchased six different designs (one twice, as I gave it away and wanted to have it for myself) but so far have only used four of them. The Thistle design has worked really well for me. And the shortbread is delicious! Your instructions are very helpful; I forgot once to cut my shortbread with my sharp little knife while it was still warm and I broke a few edges. My own fault!

  3. Very pleased on how it looks but i wish it held more garlic i guess i should ha e ordered a larger size but i still like it

  4. Love the sugar jar, but it would be much better if the lid had a notch for a spoon.

  5. They drip when you drink

  6. It’s simple, elegant, and the feel is comfort.

  7. It looks and feels good, unfortunately, I haven’t made the shortbread. I hope to imprint the lovely design.

  8. I found Emerson Creek because I wanted to replace older mugs and teacups that had uncertain lead and heavy metals content. I loved the size, shape, feel, quality, and the lavender design that I ordered! I would have given it a five star rating if the background color were a little whiter cream color because there’s a greenish gray cast to the beige that makes it look drab. It was packed very well!

  9. I have enjoyed using the 2 shortbread pans I ordered. They worked beautifully I added a bit of ground lavender earl grey tea to the one recipe and I enjoyed the result. I wished I didn’t have to use UPS for delivery. That was a nightmare

  10. These are not large enough for a salad, but I am aware of that and bought them for a side of bread. They are beautiful.

  11. Beautiful little bowls. I am a fan of the your pottery because I feel comfortable putting them in the microwave. I always worried about my old, scratched dishes.
    I also have a set of large plates which get used daily. Would love to see a medium sized bowl for microwave oatmeal – a size in between the two sizes. Also…the price is high for those of us on a fixed income.

  12. I’ve wanted a berry colander for a long time, and I’m happy that I ordered the one with the iris pattern. I appreciate the saucer that comes with it. They are slightly heavier than I would have liked, but that’s not a big deal.

  13. Do you have a way to add a gift card or to let a person know your shipment was a gift? Ive not located this option. I always have to contact the person separately to let them know something is coming for them.