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Best Pet Care Tips

Being a pet owner is more than just welcoming pets into your home—it’s welcoming them into your heart as well. Our furry friends quickly become a part of the family and are always there to greet us with a wet nose and wagging tail. We know how much you love your pet. That is why we wanted to provide this quick guide of pet care tips.

Get-to-Know Fido’s Breed

You already know that your pet is unique. Yet, a pet owner’s responsibility goes past catering to your pet’s individuality, it also requires meeting the needs for your pet’s breed.


Each breed has its own lovable quirks. Hounds love to sniff and follow their own trail. Siamese cats love to socialize and interact. Though we may choose a four-legged friend based on the charming qualities, you also need to be mindful of what traits their breed may be prone to such as:

  • Scratching
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Barking/ howling

Be sure to research your pet’s breed tendencies and create a game plan for how to combat any destructive behavior.


Lower energy pets such as small dogs and cats may only require a quick walk in the park or a few minutes of playtime. However, a high energy pet such as a German Shepherd or Border Collie require ample amount of time outdoors with plenty of running space.


Grooming is more than making your pet look posh, but it also supports a healthy coat. Something as simple as brushing your pet’s fur can help alleviate any dead skin and dandruff. A pet’s grooming needs will vary based on length of hair or fur. Long-hair animals will require frequent visits to the groomer to prevent fur from becoming matted. Short-hair animals should be brushed on a weekly basis.

Take Snowball to the Vet for Checkups

If your furry friend could talk, they may try to convince you otherwise. But don’t be fooled—veterinary care is necessary to the longevity and health of your pet. Veterinarians will ensure your pet’s shots are up-to-date and prescribe any medicine needed to keep your pet healthy and happy. Find a local veterinarian and make sure your pet receives at least an annual checkup.

Know What’s Going into Molly’s Dish

Just like human nutrition, pet’s food greatly affects their health and well-being. Lower-quality pet food is filled with fillers and by-products—it’s the equivalent of eating hamburgers and fries everyday. Instead invest in a high-quality food, which is rich with important amino acids and protein that nourishes your pet’s body and gives a shinier, healthy coat.

Additionally, serve your pet high-quality food in a lead-free, non-toxic dish like our ceramic pet dishes. Our handmade, hand-painted dishes come in different sizes and can even be personalized to feature your pet’s name. Shop our collection of pet dishes today!

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