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Dragonfly Home Decor

Our Dragonfly Home Decor Line is New for 2007!

At Emerson Creek Pottery, we draw our greatest inspiration for our lines of home decor from nature. This newest line of traditional, American-made ceramic pottery calls up cool summer creek sides and fresh blue ponds where glistening dragonfiles skip along on the breeze. The atmosphere is relaxed, refreshing and inviting. The room may be formal, eclectic or modern, yet the dragonfly fits right in. We’re discovering that our customers are really excited about our Dragonfly pieces and the simple, elegant accent they add to the home.

Shop with us to find a full array of handmade, handpainted wares including:

Dragonfly Dinnerware
Dragonfly Kitchenware
Dragonfly Bakeware
Dragonfly Bathroom Accessories
Dragonfly Lamps
Dragonfly Vases
Dragonfly Candleholders
Dragonfly Clocks
Dragonfly Ornaments
Our Complete Dragonfly Line is listed here.

Why we think the dragonflies are so popular

It’s often the simplest motifs that lend themselves to the widest variety of home decor styles. Just for fun, try to picture a beautiful home that has been carefully decorated in any of the following styles, and picture dragonfly home accents fitting in:

Colonial Decor
Victorian Decor
Country Decor
Asian Decor
Arts and Crafts Decor
Contemporary Decor
Mediterranean Decor

Could you picture it? It seems to us that the dragonfly is ready to add a touch of color to homes that are furnished in any of these wonderful styles, and we are very excited to know that our pieces are bringing that perfect element to gorgeous rooms across America. It’s no wonder that this motif has been popular for centuries, all over the world.

Suggestions for using our Dragonfly Home Decor

Imagine a lovely bathroom painted in pear green or robin’s egg blue with crisp white accents of trim and tile. Towels to match on a gleaming, antique brass towel bar. On the vanity, your handmade, handpainted collection of dragonfly bathroom accessories. Perhaps a botanical print of dragonflies over water accenting one wall? How about a braided rag rug in complementary colors on the floor? Perhaps a vase of blue flag iris? What a fresh picture that makes!

Or how about Dinner for 4 on a warm summer evening. Bamboo placemats, silver shining, icy drinks for you and your guests. Pasta Marinara making the most of the bounty of your summer vegetable garden in our dragonfly pasta bowl. Cucumbers and tomatoes in a basil vinaigrette and for dessert, key lime pie baked to perfection in our fabulous ceramic pie dish. My mouth is watering just writing this!

What mood do you want to create?
Home is sanctuary. If created with love, home is your haven from the stresses of the outside world. Men and women who take pride and comfort in home life strive to create certain feelings in the various rooms of the house. The sunny kitchen, the restful bedroom, the vibrant sitting room or meditative home office. Each room, if decorated and arranged with care, sets the stage for the pleasures and tasks of daily living, and the finest homes in our nation are the ones that truly reflect the tastes, feelings and needs of the owner.

What inspires you? What mood are you trying to capture via the appointments of your home? Do you yearn for rich, power colors – the canvas of the desert with its reds, golds and purples? Or do you want the soothing surroundings that the lavender, sage and white of a grassy meadow give? Fire, water, earth and air are the basic elements Which one resonates most with you and your family? Perhaps you want a bit of each of these strengths in different rooms of your home. Perhaps, the dragonfly, with his enduring beauty, is so popular because he belongs in all of these places – that spark of brightness which makes life precious.

The accessories you choose, the useful articles that are put into daily use are what make your home about you. Emerson Creek Pottery’s loyal customers know that when they shop with us they are buying one-of-a-kind quality for the beautification of their homes. Every piece we make is crafted by hand, painted by hand, microwave and dishwasher safe…and best of all, oh so pretty!

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