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Over the years I have attempted to incorporate various houseplants in my home. I love the look of real plants and the feeling I get when a plant I care for actually flourishes. I’ve learned that houseplants rely on many of the same things as outdoor plants. For one thing, location in a house is important since some plants need direct sunlight, others diffused light and still others seem to be okay in a dim bathroom with no windows at all.

One plant that has worked really well for me is the African Violet! This plant is a lot like me. For one thing it seems to like the temperature in the house to be about the same as I do, about 70 degrees F. It doesn’t like to get too hot (over 80 degrees F) or too cold (under 60 degrees F).

The lighting that the plant prefers is perfect for my kitchen window. It needs sunlight but it shouldn’t be too harsh. One way to check this is to put your hand between the plant and the window with the back of your hand toward the window. If your hand gets too hot then that is not a good place for your African Violet as the leaves may get scorched.

The African Violet is a little picky about the way it wants its water. According to the African Violet Society of America, it is important to not OVERwater your plant or the plant could experience root rot or crown rot. You are also not supposed to get water (aside from occasional spritzing) on the leaves of the African Violet as it can cause blemishes on them.

I’m excited to say that Emerson Creek Pottery is currently developing a ceramic pot that will make watering African Violets much easier! It has long been recommended that these plants be watered from the bottom. Our new design consists of an unglazed ceramic insert that goes into the bottom of a pot. This insert allows water to slowly seep into the liner which holds the pot for your African Violet. Now the African Violets can stay at a constant moisture level which they prefer.

I’d like to know what you think about this idea and if you have any experience with African Violets yourself. As soon as I have a picture of this new African Violet pot available, I will add it to my post. If you would like to read more about the African Violet you may enjoy visiting the African Violet Society of America’s website at

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