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Bring summer inside




One very simple and inexpensive way to brighten up your home especially during the spring and summer months is flower arranging. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of the flowers you may already have growing outside into a beautiful arrangement that can last for up to two weeks inside. I took these pictures this morning of the hydrangeas growing outside in the garden.  Aren’t they beautiful? Hydrangeas are very hearty.  The pink hydrangea has risen in popularity all over the world, but especially in Asia. Pink hydrangeas have many different meanings, but generally means, “You are the beat of my heart”, as described by the celebrated Asian florist Tan Jun Yong.

1. Be sure to trim any leaves that will fall below the water level of your container. The number one way to shorten the life of your cut flowers is to introduce bacteria into the water with rotting leaves. Keep it clean by changing the water every few days and you will enjoy them much longer.

2.  Here is a tip that all florists use to make their arrangements behave.  Use floral tape to make the flowers you cut stay where you want them. Floral tape is inexpensive and easy to use. It comes in several colors. Clear is invisible on your container. Make a grid on the opening and your flowers won’t flop over.  Dry off the top and  tape from edge to edge with about a half inch over each side. You can make the grid as small or large as you want it. If you don’t happen to have any floral tape, use scotch tape like I did this morning!





It works great! I used our beautiful Lavender Iced Tea Pitcher to arrange these in.  Below is another picture of hydrangeas from the garden at Emerson Creek arranged in our Summer Peaks Juice Pitcher. If you come and visit  us at the Outlet Store you can sit on the deck and enjoy the quiet of the country.


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