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Need a Unique Gift? Try Personalized Ceramic Mugs!

When you consider gift giving, you may think gift cards, cash, or clothing. How about something unique and different? Are you celebrating a special occasion? Are you looking for the perfect gift for your family or friends? What about the holidays when you need something that is unique which hasn’t been given before?

That’s where personalized ceramic gift mugs come in! Emerson Creek Pottery is a perfect location to find unique items that are hand-crafted in the studio. They offer a beautiful line of ceramic mugs to choose from which can be personalize to your specifications. Four mug styles are available for personalizing.

Ceramic Mugs

Our Ceramic Mug has a nice rounded form – perfect to cradle in your hands. Choose from several handpainted designs, including Dragonfly, Pinecone, Field of Iris, Cranberry, Blueberry, or Lavender design. You can have your friend or family member’s name personalized onto the mug. They will remember you every time they drink their morning coffee.

Latte Mug

Want a different style and shape than your basic coffee mug? The Latte mug offers you 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. You can choose from the same designs mentioned above for this unique and fun gift item. Emerson Creek’s Latte Mug offers an ideal size mug to serve favorite coffeehouse drinks.

Teacups or Classic Mugs

Two additional mug designs include the refined Teacup for those who prefer afternoon tea to morning coffee. The Teacup holds 10 ounces; the Classic Mug holds 12 ounces. The Lavender design is a favorite from coast to coast! You can choose the perfect design that fits the receiver of the ceramic gift you’ve chosen.

Each of these items is handcrafted and hand painted at Emerson Creek Pottery in Bedford Virginia. You can choose one that fits your loved one’s style or gift giving needs and have it personalized. Choose to use the grandparent’s name, or your family’s honorary name, such as Nana or Papa. Select the design which fits their personality and hobbies. Does your Grandmother have a flower garden? The Field of Iris or Lavender may be her favorites. Does your Father love trees? Place his name beside our Pinecone design. Does your sister love to kayak and study lakes and rivers? She will appreciate our Dragonfly. Is your brother a chef? Try the Blueberry or Cranberry designs.

Personalized ceramic gift items from Emerson Creek are great ways to show you care about someone and are a unique gift for birthdays, holidays, or special events. Be sure to stop by Emerson Creek Pottery Outlet Store in Bedford Virginia, or shop online to peruse all of their unique designs.

When you’re looking for that perfect unique gift item, don’t forget the personalized Emerson Creek Pottery mugs. No matter who is receiving them they are sure to love the thought and design put into these handmade items. They will love knowing their new mug is safe (no lead or cadmium) and proudly Made in the USA. Stop by today to decide on your gift item or choose from one of the many beautiful ceramic pieces that they have to offer!

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  1. These are so amazing! I’ve been looking for a way to make some affordable and safe gifts this year. Especially considering the pandemic, I think custom mugs would be the perfect personalized gift, because the gift receivers can also thoroughly wash the gift before using them.

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