What is my Emerson Creek Pottery worth?

Many people have called into the offices here at Emerson Creek Pottery trying to find out what their long cherished piece of pottery is worth. This is a question easier asked then answered and often times better left to the professionals to answer, if you want an exact dollar figure. We are unable to appraise our older pottery because of our bias opinion and lack of knowledge in the fine art of appraisal. We can, however, tell you the name of the design and/or form and tell you the approximate time it was made. Our records can also tell you the price the piece was sold for during the time of its production. One thing that can be said on the matter is that if the piece was an original signed by the owner/artist Priscilla Palmer it is worth more then one would think. Or a hand throw piece with finger ripples running around the piece would also be worth more. Often times inquiring customers are referred to Ebay. Many people have posted their personal Emerson Creek Pottery pieces for sale and you can get an idea of what others believe it to be worth.

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