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Go Green – Character Smug

“There’s a small mark and a light swirl around the rim of my Go Green coffee mug but not in any of my other mugs with different designs.” Yes, that was Doug, Christie, or Betty Sue. One of these three from the production team has left behind quite an impression, or should I say an impression of their thumb. Allow for me to give you a little crash course in pottery making. There are two ways to apply the glaze to a piece. One is spraying, used on flat items, and the other way is dipping, used on items with an inner part, i.e. coffee mug. When a mug is dipped into a large vat of the Go Green glaze and then laid to dry, one of the three thumbs mentioned above has left their mark. Often times it is not noticeable because the dipping person follows through with a touch of a glazed finger. Slight variations are the nature of the American handmade pottery business. Slight variations (or thumbs) may occur.

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