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2024 Spring Handmade Pottery Gift Guide

Field of Iris Flower Pot Dirt
African Violet in Lavender Pot

African Violet Pot

African Violet Pots are also a good gift for plant lovers. These pots feature a unique two-pot self-watering system. The outer pot holds water, and the inner pot is unglazed so the plant can drink water from the outer pot. African Violet Pots were designed specifically for bottom-watering plants like African Violets. 

Great For: Plant Lovers 

Price: $43 each

Hydrangea Flower Pot next to earthenware flower pot with plant and flower background.

Flower Pot

Emerson Creek Flower Pots are cute and sturdy and make a great home for small house plants or flowers. Pairing a Flower Pot with some flower bulbs or cuttings from one of your plants is a fun gift idea for your friend with a green thumb. 

Great For: Plant Lovers 

Price Range: $41 – $53 each

Vase Fresh Flowers

Bouquet Vase

Fill a Bouquet Vase with your loved one’s favorite flowers – whether that’s radiant red roses from a florist, or wildflowers from your back yard. This hand-painted flower vase only adds to the enjoyment of receiving flowers. It’s durable, yet elegant, and can be used for years and years!

Great For: Flower Lovers 

Price: $30 each

Flatbread cooked on Artisan Ceramic Pizza Stone.

Pizza Stone

New in 2023 is our unglazed Pizza Stone! This sustainable gift is great for anyone with an oven! Whether they’re an inexperienced cook heating a frozen pizza, or a gourmet chef who makes their own dough and sauce, this pan fits the needs of both (and those with all kitchen skill levels in between)! Pair the Emerson Creek Pizza Stone with our favorite style Pizza Cutter for a truly great gift.  

Great For: Pizza Lovers | Home Cooks | Bakers 

Price: $52 each

Large Go Green Earthware Custom Pet Bowl

Personalized Pet Bowl 

Do you have a friend who treats their pet like their child? Or, maybe that friend is you – and you’re looking for a special gift for Fido or Florentine this spring season. Emerson Creek pet bowls can be personalized and make a great gift for most any four legged pet. Our bowls are available in two distinctive styles — Classic and Brookline — and come in a variety of glazes such as our popular Baltic, Greystone, and Moss glazes. Pair a pet bowl (or a set of pet bowls) with some gourmet treats for the perfect gift! 

Great For: Pet Owners

Price: $23 – $36 each

Banana Bread baked in Stoneware Bread Loaf Pan

Bread Loaf Pan 

Know someone who’s into the sourdough baking trend right now? Or, a long-time bread baker? Our Bread Loaf Pan is an excellent addition to any baking arsenal. Made from unglazed stoneware, our Bread Loaf Pan helps bakers achieve beautiful loaves of their favorite breads. When gifting this Pan, place a kitchen towel inside and add a jar of sourdough starter to turn it into a gift basket — or, bake the first loaf of bread in this pan and deliver it (still in the pan) to your friend while it’s warm!

Great For: Bakers | Foodies 

Price: $50 each

Red Poppy Classic Dinner Set

Classic Dinnerware Set

Our Classic Dinnerware Line offers a Dinner Plate, Salad Plate and Soup Bowl. Each of our Classic dishes is made with the traditional wide rim that you might see when you dine at your favorite restaurant.

Designed by our team of artisans in the 1980’s, the Classic Collection is one of the first dinnerware designs made by Emerson Creek Pottery. With its timeless look, the Classic Dinnerware Set remains a favorite as family and friends gather around the table. Pieces are available individually, in a Set for One, or a Set for Four

Great for: First time home buyers, new renters, newlyweds

Price: $316.00 – $396.00 per set of four

For more truly great gift ideas, visit our online store!

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