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Made in America Product Showcase at the White House

Made in America Product Showcase

On Monday, October 5, 2020, we will participate in the fourth annual Made in America Product Showcase at the White House. 

“Over the past four years, President Trump has proudly championed products made right here in the USA,” Special Assistant to the President John Horstman said. “Now more than ever, it is vital to support and promote American businesses, American workers, and American-made products. The President is looking forward to welcoming these great Patriots to the White House.”

Businesses from each of the 50 states have been invited to display their made in America products at the White House in Washington, D.C. We plan to showcase our new BROOKLINE Dinnerware and some popular hand-painted products during the event. 

What is Earthenware?
BROOKLINE in Cherry, Ivory, and American Blue.

“We are excited to showcase our handmade pottery at the White House,” Emerson Creek Pottery President Jim Leavitt said. “We’ve been making our sustainable, functional art using raw ingredients from American ceramic suppliers in Bedford, Virginia, since 1977.” 

Also in October, we will be hosting a sale at our Retail Outlet Store located at 1068 Pottery Lane, Bedford. Oct. 13–17, customers can enjoy 20% off all pottery. Additional discounts on bakeware will also be available during this time. The Smith Mountain Lake, Summer Peaks, and Blue Crab designs are not included in this offer.

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  1. We congratulate Emerson Creek Pottery on this honor!! It’s a shame people have to stoop to politicize EVERYTHING…even a simple cup of coffee isn’t safe from “taking sides”. Seriously? Anyway, Emerson Creek makes beautiful useful products, and we wish you continued blessings and success!

  2. I am thrilled your Company will be represented , I hope soon , at the White House. What an honor! It is well deserved. It is so important to honor all our hard working “Made in The USA “ Companies!!! Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to make a HUGH order with your company!!! God Bless!!!

  3. Congratulations on this achievment! It is so nice to see your company getting recognition for the high quality products you make here in the U.S.A. I own a number of pieces, which get lots of use, and I have also given several pieces as gifts which the recipients loved. Good luck and continued prosperity to you.

  4. My heart sank when I read this. I was getting ready to order some plates but will refrain from ordering any more of your products. Trump is destroying our democracy. Wise up.

    1. Hi Lena! We’re sorry to hear that you no longer want to support our business. We viewed this event as an opportunity to connect with other American manufacturers like Benjamin Moore & Co. paints and Ford Motor Company and to showcase our ethical, sustainable pottery on the national level. This could help us gain more exposure and continue to support our artisans through fair wages and health benefits.

    2. It’s a shame people need to knock down your wonderful products as a means to promote their own political agenda. Anyone not willing to purchase your products because of this honor isn’t worth your time. Don’t let these people affect how you go to market. Your products are excellent!

  5. Congratulations! What an honor to be at
    The White House displaying your handmade
    I Love your pottery, and especially being made
    right here in Virginia!!
    I hope you will have pictures to share????

      1. And with any luck, Emerson Creek Pottery will find a showcase in a different White House that truly supports American-made quality — and not, as now, companies just being used for Trump’s marketing purposes.

  6. I can already tell folks at our White House that Emerson Creek is THE best. Love your beautiful pottery. I am partial to the Dogwood pattern. GOOD LUCK!!!

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