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Shyla the Puppy wearing a scarf

20 Questions with Shyla

We have a new team member here at the pottery, Shyla the German Shepherd puppy!

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know that we love our pets here at the pottery and even have a line of nontoxic pet dishes.

Our newest team member insisted on introducing herself, so we sat down with her for a Q & A.

What’s your name?

My name is Shyla! Just one name. I am the Cher of the pottery studio.

How old are you?

It's really not polite to ask. And a girl doesn't like to tell her age but I am 12 weeks old.

Where were you born?

Bedford, Virginia

You were adopted pretty recently. Do you ever think about your brothers and sisters?

I don’t remember them much, but I have an older brother, Dallas, who is slowly learning to love me.

I understand you’re pretty talkative in your sleep. What do you dream about?

The neighbor’s cows! There’s another doggo who lives down the street that gets to chase cows all day. I just want to run over there and chase them too.

How’s potty training going?

Well… Sometimes not so good, but I’m learning fast!

Have you learned any tricks yet?

I can sit! Just for a few seconds though... but I like to think I am a multi-tasker. That occasionally is misinterpreted as not listening and just being a goofball.

Favorite Foods?


Things you collect?

I can never have too many bones!

Who's on your Spotify List?

I'm a big fan of Snoop Dogg and Snarky Puppy.

Secret Vice?

...sometimes I bark at new people.

Where are you currently working in the studio?

I’m still pretty new, so I’m shadowing everyone for the moment! Sometimes I help with inventory in the warehouse, and other times, I sneak naps while my mom is working (don’t tell!).

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love it when new people come to visit, especially the UPS driver!

Who’s your favorite coworker?

How can I choose? Well, I guess it really depends on who gives me the most head scratches… or treats. Bonus points if they do both.

Do you get an employee discount on pet dishes?

Darn Skippy, I do. You could too. Come work with me. If you are in the Bedford, VA area then call my secretary and let's set something up.

Any chance for a promotion?

I’m not pawsitive about this, but I think I might be promoted to a decorator. The boss told me I’d do great with painting Pet Dishes!

You are a budding artist? Who is your favorite artist?

Does Elena count? She paints such pretty flowers on all of the pottery.

Favorite spot at the pottery?

Being outside! The pottery is in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the property has great views of the mountains and nature. I love chasing my work friends, Jesse, Dallas, and Stormi, around in the big grassy fields and spying on the neighbors cows.

How would you describe your perfect day?

Any day with treats and belly rubs is a good day! But I think the perfect day has a good mix of work and play. I’ll help the others greet the UPS driver and make sure to inspect the pottery before it goes in the kiln. Then, I like to find a nice quiet spot to curl up and take a nap or explore around the property.

Secret Dream?

I want to be a big dog like Dallas and Jessie!

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