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We work hard to create pottery of the highest quality. Take a look at what our customers have been saying below.

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  1. This was the third purchase of the Red Poppy latte mug over multiple years. The first mug was beautifully painted and had artwork from almost the top to the bottom. The second mug was nicely painted; however, the artwork was started from almost the middle of the mug down to the bottom. The third mug was also painted from the middle down and any leaves had been totally eliminated. The third mug didn’t match what was advertised in the photo.

  2. I returned these. They weren’t what I wanted.

  3. I would give 0 stars if possible. The 2 cups I received were poor quality. There were drips all over one cup and the other had an uneven lip area where you would be drinking from. We contacted them and they said this is a ‘signature’ design from the artist and refused to replace. If this is a ‘signature’ design why don’t they have pictures on the website of cups with major imperfections?? I do NOT recommend buying anything from this company.

    Image #1 from William P.
  4. I received the wrong piece. The customer service was atrocious….it’s clear your company does not subscribe to the concept that the customer is always right. I would not recommend your company to anyone ever.

  5. These were deleted from the order

  6. Not yet received. UPS can’t locate 3rd shipment carton

  7. Not yet received. UPS can’t locate 3rd shipment carton

  8. Not received, yet. UPS can’t locate 3rd shipment box

  9. All I hoped for.

  10. All I hoped for.

  11. I’m very displeased with this teapot. The spout is extremely narrow, as is the hole where the spout meets the wall of the pot. I gave this to my partner for Christmas. Upon our very first use of the teapot, the spout became clogged by one single chamomile flower. It took almost 5 minutes to pour 2 cups of tea as we had to keep unclogging the spout with a skewer. The pot of tea my partner brewed contained less than 2 teaspoons of loose chamomile flowers. I’m not sure what the designers of this teapot were thinking. Are we meant to brew our tea in a pot on the stove first, then strain it into the teapot? Or are we to use a tea ball or tea bags with this teapot? Teapots we’ve used in the past have a strainer built into the wall of the pot where the spout attaches. This teapot has only a single, tiny hole and the spout is difficult to clean. I don’t like leaving this negative review, but the teapot was a huge disappointment.

  12. They get VERY hot in the microwave. We’ve had a lot of breakage of this size compared to others. I have a full setting for 12. The finish color has changed in the past 10 years and is lighter and smoother in 2021 than my original purchase in 2011.

  13. Arrived Broken not usable

    Image #1 from John Jull
    Image #2 from John Jull
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  15. Like the color but it a very small pan wish it was bigger.

  16. I can’t review because I am still waiting for it to be delivered. I paid $15 for 1-3 day Priority mail and still have not received it, 21 days after it was shipped. I contacted the company and they were no help.

  17. Bought two sets these 5 years ago and nearly half the total pieces (but every single plate) is filled with craze lines, even items that see little use. It looks terrible and I’ll be replacing soon. I do not recommend as a set for everyday use.

  18. Bread stuck to the unglazed cloche and was difficult to remove even after soaking.

  19. Quality of pottery pieces is nice but I was disappointed that the inner and outer pieces were two very different colors and they did not fit together well. Too much trouble to return; hopefully the leaves of the violet will cover the rim once it has grown.

    Image #1 from Nancy
  20. Broke right away.