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We work hard to create pottery of the highest quality. Take a look at what our customers have been saying below.

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  1. The design in stunning. I need to find a different recipe where you can really see the imprint. It wasn’t a very sharp image on my shortbread recipe.
    I’ll try again!

  2. Wish they were a bit larger

  3. We purchased two large lamps from you at least 25 years ago and broke one recently. So we thought we would replace them with a matching pair, purchased last month. We were quite disappointed that the new floral glaze doesn’t extend nearly as high on the lamp body as it used to. I suppose this is a cost cutting measure on your part, but the appearance isn’t as nice. Other than that, we like the lamps.

  4. haven.t used it yet

  5. I liked this mug because at 12.50 it is an excellent value and it is a safe product to use. However, I am deducting two stars because I feel it is somehow not ergonomically designed well: it hurts my hand somewhat to pick up the mug (it is uncomfortable at the handle) and also there is the issue of the lip of the cup creating a constant drip of whatever I am drinking running down the side of the cup.

  6. Bought at the outlet store today. My gut told me it was too small for a garlic keeper, but it’s so cute and I thought I’d give it a try. It would be counterproductive to break up the garlic before putting it in there because it will go bad quicker that way. Looking for an alternative use. Maybe potpourri? That’s a normal-sized head of garlic. Perhaps have a person who knows what garlic looks like design the next model?

    Image #1 from coolbana
    Image #2 from coolbana
  7. Disappointed on the dinner plate painting. As a person who paints, I understand that there will be
    differences, but on my original dinner plates, the pine needles are much longer. The new ones are very short and leave a much larger space between motifs.

  8. Very hard to hold on to. Overall disappointed in the style of the artwork. I have many old pieces and I don’t like the new stuff as well.

    Image #1 from Rhonda
  9. Just okay. These coffee mugs were not perfect for me. I guess because they are handmade. I kept them but was not super happy with the quality.

  10. Even though it’s a quality product I was disappointed with the very rough bottom that touches my countertops. As a result I’m reluctant to use them for fear of scraping the tops of my kitchen counter surfaces. I wish the glazing was better on the bottoms

  11. I know items are handmade but stain has too many light spots on one cup. Also 1 cup has smooth glaze, other mug has a rougher glaze. Your pottery as a whole needs a little more time spent on the quality. Your potters need a little more time for items or a little more pride. Very happy you are a made in America company! I do not and will not use dishes or drinkware made in China.

  12. They get VERY hot in the microwave. We’ve had several break of this size. I have a full setting for 12. The finish color has changed in the past 10 years and is lighter and smoother in 2021 than my original purchase in 2011.

  13. I love the volume of these mugs but they get VERY hot in the microwave. The finish color has changed in the past 10 years and is lighter and smoother in 2021 than my original purchase in 2011.

  14. Item was out of stock. I ordered 6 and was offered a substitution.

  15. Same criticism as the copper clay classic cup. Can’t recommend due to design defect of the lip, which causes drips.

  16. Handsome mug, but a nuisance to use. The lip is too broadly rounded, allowing liquid to lay atop it, some if which then runs toward the outside of the cup and down the side. Every sip results in a drip. Necessary to place a napkin beneath the cup to absorb the drips. Cannot recommend cup due to this design defect.

  17. Expected better painting/depiction from website photo

  18. the name inscribed on the cup seemed to be hastily done and was not up to the standard that I had come to expect with my previous five or six other cups I had ordered for great grandchildren. I returned the cup and I am sure Emerson Creek Pottery will send me one that is up to their previous excellent standard.

  19. Good Afternoon, I love the ease with which the shortbread releases from the pan. The pattern isn’t as defined as I thought it would be. What can I do to get the imprint of the clover more outstanding? Sincerely, Christie Johanson

  20. Update to previous review: I increased my rating due to courteous and responsive customer service. It was explained to me that the colors of the two pieces were different because they had to be fired at different temperatures (so that the inner pot remained porous) so Emerson sent me a different outer pot with a flower pattern – not something I would have chosen but I appreciate their effort. I suggested that they change the photo and/or description for this pot since it sets up the expectation that the two pieces would match but that has not been done. I do like the quality of the pottery.