Spatter effects on our historic pottery

Dear Emerson Creek Pottery,
I have two questions after seeing a wonderful example of your pottery:

1) What is your method for creating the spatter effect on the rim of the
ceramic? I ask because your work is very nearly the same as the original
work done 150 years ago on the English imported items.

2) Do you do patterns that are similar to the antique patterns? I ask
because your work is so good, that I don’t want to be fooled paying an
antique price for an extremely well done recent ceramic.

Thanks for your time in responding, as I was born and raised on the lower
peninsula of VA, near Hampton. ~Tyler

Thank you for your interest. This is a very nice example of the sponging that we did on rims and edges of some patterns for about 10 years. My guess is you’ll find a date on the bottom of the piece in the 1980’s.

You asked how we used to do this spatter effect? Just like they did 150 years ago, with a sponge. Dabbing carefully and rythmically, (easier to say than to do), gives just the right amount of color, evenly dispersed on the rim.

No, we do not do “antique reproductions”. All of our work is original designs. But our pottery decoration has always been “in the style of” early American Folk art, with a flavor of Japanese influence that might have been occurring when the clipper ships were bringing back goods from the Orient.

Thank you for your inquiry and enjoy your historic pottery dish from the Emerson Creek Collection. ~ Priscilla

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