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2022 Holiday Handmade Gift Guide

Looking for handmade gifts this holiday season? Shopping handmade is a great way to ensure your gifts are unique. Our 2022 Gift Guide provides inspiration for every kind of friend or family member: pet owners, bakers and chefs, grandparents, college kids, and even plant people. Check out our suggestions below! 

Personalized Pet Bowl + Treats 

Do you have a friend who treats their pet like their child? Emerson Creek pet bowls can be personalized and make the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life. Our bowls are available in two distinctive styles — Classic and Brookline — and come in a variety of glazes such as our popular Baltic, Greystone, and Moss glazes. Pair a pet bowl (or a set of pet bowls) with some gourmet treats for the perfect gift! 

Great For: Pet Owners

Copper Clay Large Lamp

Lamp + Book 

Our Large Lamps cast a cozy, warm glow in any room and are an excellent companion for readers. Pair a Large Lamp with a novel or a gift certificate to your local bookstore to give your favorite bookworm hours of entertainment. Our Large Lamp comes with a stoneware lamp base and a lampshade, and it’s wired and ready to use. 

Great For: Bookworms | New Homeowners/Renters 

Brookline Candle + Blanket 

Gift your hygge-loving friend a Brookline Candle and a blanket this holiday season to keep them warm and cozy all winter long. Brookline Candles come in 6 color/scent variations such as Blackberry/Dragon’s Tooth, a mix of ginger, peppercorn, and spice and Cherry/Apple Orchard Falls, a mix of apple and cinnamon. 

Great For: New Homeowners/Renters | Grandparents 

Go Green Earthware Classic Mug

Mug + Tea, Hot Chocolate, Seasonal Coffee 

Emerson Creek’s drinkware collection has something for everyone. We offer 6 different mug forms. Pair a handmade mug up with some herbal tea, hot chocolate, or seasonal coffee for the friend who always likes to be drinking a warm beverage in the winter. We also offer personalization to some of our mugs, so you could add the recipient’s name to their mug! 

Great For: Kids | Coffee and Tea Drinkers | Foodies 

Covered Bread Pan + Sourdough Starter 

Know someone who wants to start baking sourdough bread? Have a friend who is already a master baker? Our Covered Bread Pan is an excellent addition to any baking arsenal. Made from unglazed stoneware, our Covered Bread Pan helps bakers achieve artisan loaves with a crunchy, crispy crust without any extra work. Pair the pan up with a sourdough starter to make it a gift basket — You’ll thank us later when you start getting fresh baked bread on the reg! 

Great For: Bakers | Foodies 

Feast Bowl Utensils Bowls

Bowl Set + Mixing Spoons 

Bakers and cooks will agree — a mixing bowl set is always a good investment. Mixing Bowls, Occasional Bowls, and Brookline Dishes make the perfect set! Mixing Bowls are just the right size for mixing up batter or tossing a salad, Occasional Bowls are a good size for whisking sauces, and Brookline Dishes are perfect for combining spices. If you prefer our classic glazes and designs, you can group a Pasta Bowl, Cereal Bowl, and Ramekin together as a nesting set. Pair these bowls up with some high-quality mixing spoons, and you have a great gift. 

Great For: Bakers | Cooks | New Homeowners/Renters 

Cookie Stamp + Cookies 

Bakers, prepare your ovens! Nothing says happy holidays quite like freshly baked cookies. Get a Brown Bag Cookie Stamp for yourself and a friend. You can gift stamps and cookies for double the handmade goodness. Each Cookie Stamp comes with a mini recipe book with cookie recipes that are guaranteed to make a good impression. 

Great For: Bakers | Kids | Cookie Lovers 

Brown Bag Designs Cookie Stamps with Cookies

Kitchen Organization Set + Olive Oil + Kitchen Towels 

Have a friend or family member who just bought their first home or remodeled their kitchen? Build a kitchen organization set with our wide variety of home goods! We suggest a Drizzle Bottle, a Garlic Keeper, and a Spoon Rest. You can also throw in some artisan olive oil and a kitchen towel set to make it a gift basket. 

Great For: Bakers | Cooks | New Homeowners/Renters | Foodies 

Cracker Basket + Oval Platter + Charcuterie 

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, and Emerson Creek can help you put together the perfect charcuterie gift basket! Our Cracker Baskets look adorable filled with artisan crackers, and our Oval Platter is a nice, sturdy foundation for or addition to the board. If you know your friend likes to add jams, jellies, or honey to their charcuterie boards, you can also throw in a Ramekin or Brookline Dish. Add some olives, meats, and cheeses to complete the gift! 

Great For: Foodies | New Homeowners/Renters 

Selection of stoneware pottery Onion Soup Bowls in multiple glazes and hand-painted designs.

Onion Soup Bowls + French Cookbook 

Our Onion Soup Bowls are fat little bowls with handles that make them perfect for baking French onion soup. Get a set of these little guys and pair them with a French cookbook for a unique gift that may result in a delicious reward.  

Great For: Foodies | New Homeowners/Renters 

Brookline Baking Set + Baking Recipe Book 

Our Brookline Baking Set is one of our most versatile bakeware sets. Each set comes with a round Brookline Baker and a Brookline Dish. Use the set to make nachos, cinnamon rolls with extra icing, or quiche with a dipping sauce. Pair it up with a baking cookbook to give the recipient some ideas! 

Great For: New Homeowners/Renters | Foodies | College Students 

Cherry Brookline Baking Set
Goldfish Child's Cup

Personalized Children’s Dish Set 

Make visits to grandma and grandpa’s house extra special with a personalized Children’s Dish Set! Our Children’s Dish Sets are available in two adorable designs — Ladybug and Goldfish — and can be personalized with your child’s first name and birthday. Each set comes with a mini teacup, plate, and bowl. 

Great For: Grandparents | Kids 

Flower Pot + Bulbs or Cuttings 

Emerson Creek Flower Pots are cute and sturdy and make a great home for small house plants or flowers. Pairing a Flower Pot with some flower bulbs or cuttings from one of your plants is a fun gift idea for your friend with a green thumb. 

Great For: Plant Lovers 

Flower Pots Flowers
American Blue African Violet Pot

African Violet Pot + African Violet 

African Violet Pots are also a good gift for plant lovers. These pots feature a unique two-pot self-watering system. The outer pot holds water, and the inner pot is unglazed so the plant can drink water from the outer pot. African Violet Pots were designed specifically for bottom-watering plant like African Violets. 

Great For: Plant Lovers 

Bowl + Mug 

An Emerson Creek bowl and mug make a great gift for a college student. Handmade pottery and hand-painted designs can make a dorm room feel like home, and our stoneware formula is microwave-safe so they can use it to make oatmeal, mac and cheese, Ramen, or other fast foods in their dorm microwave without worrying about their dishes breaking or melting. Check out our Cereal Bowl, Occasional Bowl, and drinkware collection for ideas.  

Great For: College Students | New Homeowners/Renters | Foodies 

Mug Rack full of colorful ceramic mugs

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