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Good Old Field of Iris

Since we began making pottery here at Emerson Creek over thirty–three years ago, numerous designs and forms have come and gone. Some designs have left when an artist departs or when a customer’s creative request replaces an older design. In some cases, a past pattern has returned for a limited time due, most commonly, to customer’s demands.

However, some patterns have made it through the test of time. The Field of Iris has been with us since day one. In fact, the delicate Iris flower is used as our company logo. In the thirty-three years the Field of Iris has changed slightly in that at one time it had a pink Iris mixed with the current blue and purple. Even with its slight variation the older Field of Iris pieces mix extremely well with the newer Field of Iris. Just as in Mother Nature, the combination of the old and new make for a wonderful array of ‘no two alike’.

Our Field of Iris ceramic pottery, like all of our collections, is handcrafted and handpainted in Bedford, Virginia. All of our pottery is chemical free and non-toxic, and is even safe for the dishwasher, microwave and oven.

The iris is often considered a symbol of hope, faith and wisdom—a beautiful sentiment to add to your home.

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