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Mother’s Day Tea Party

Hello! My name is Kristie and I am the Hospitality Consultant for Emerson Creek Pottery. I happen to be one of those people who really enjoy entertaining and find any occasion one to celebrate. I believe anyone can be successful at entertaining if you have a couple of key ingredients: 1. the right mix of people, 2. a couple of recipes you and your friends and family find delicious, and 3. attractive serving pieces.

At this time of year, I begin to think about Mother’s Day celebrations and how to make special memories not only for my mother but for my two young children. So, I’ve decided to host a special Mother’s Day Tea Party that we can all enjoy!

After a long winter here in Virginia, I am so drawn to the beautiful Buttercup, Wisteria and Red Poppy tea sets designed by Emerson Creek Pottery.  The Buttercup is so dainty and soft in its design. The Wisteria is truly indicative of Spring in Virginia as I see it in gardens and along the road in my travels. And the Red Poppy design…WOW…the vibrant colors that I’ve longed for in the past months. I must choose the Red Poppy for this occasion!

I’m going to keep the menu simple. My children will be thrilled with peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches and my mother is a huge fan of pineapple nut sandwiches (see our recipes section for how to make this one). I prefer tuna salad to just about any other type of sandwich so I will have to have that on our menu as well. For garnish, I will surround the sandwiches with juicy orange slices and mint leaves. We aren’t fussy about what type of tea we have so whatever I have on hand will do.

I’m going to keep the decorations simple this year…a crisp white tablecloth and three Emerson Creek Pottery Red Poppy votive candle holders with unscented candles for this occasion to not overwhelm the flavor of the food.

To make our tea party memorable for years to come for my mother I’ve decided to buy her the Red Poppy Pie Plate as her Mother’s Day present. She does make a fabulous strawberry pie this time of year…maybe she will want to share. Hmmm…

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