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New clay mixer to increase efficiency

We’re excited to announce that we’ve purchased a new piece of machinery, a Simpson Mix-Muller Batch Mixer, to increase clay mixing efficiency. 

This new clay mixer is a powerful, labor-saving tool that will not only mix our materials quicker but also create a superior clay mixture. 

Why we purchased a new clay mixer

Jim taking a look inside the new clay mixer

Our primary reasoning for purchasing a new clay mixer was to make the clay mixing process less labor-intensive and more efficient.

Currently, our clay mixer is located in a shed across campus from our main production building. Once the clay is mixed, our team must transport it across campus to be used in production. 

Our new clay mixer is installed right in the center of our production area so it cuts down on the time it takes to transport the clay from the mixer to the clay prep area. 

We also purchased a new clay mixer because our previous one is almost 40 years old. Our last mixer was purchased in the 1980s, and we decided it was time for an upgrade!

Fun fact: our very first clay mixer was hand-built by our owner and founder, Jim Leavitt, using a water heater tank and an engine from an old snow blower. We’ll be sure to share photos if we can find them. 

About the new clay mixer

While not specially designed to mix clay for pottery, the Simpson Mix-Muller Batch Mixer is a versatile piece of equipment designed for sand preparation systems. 

This batch mixer is also energy efficient, which will help us cut down on our greenhouse gas emissions and utility bill.

Finally, the mixer is rugged. Mixing clay is no easy task, but this batch mixer will easily be able to handle all of our clay mixtures. We learned that this piece of machinery is often used in foundry applications and is useto mix everything from sand to aspirin. We’re confident this purchase will last us at least 40 years!

Clay mixer installation

Jim and his son, William, are working to get the machine installed, and though it’s taking a few weeks to get it up and running, we’re optimistic that it will improve our production process. 

The box barely fit through our bay doors, but with some careful maneuvering (and help from our German Shepherd, Jessie), we were able to squeeze it into the warehouse. 

About our clay mixture

Here at Emerson Creek Pottery, we’re dedicated to creating safe, functional art for your home. Over the years, we’ve improved our clay mixture to make it more durable while maintaining our commitment to safety. All of our materials are non-toxic, lead-safe, and cadmium-safe, so you can feel confident baking with and eating and drinking from our pottery.

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  1. Congratulations!
    I’m a big fan of your products. My lavender & iris mugs and creamer make me HAPPY each morning when I use them for coffee!
    Wishing you much continued success. 💚

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